Friday, July 10, 2009

Art Bourque reports from Ouray: Jamil went through just after 9:00 PM, doing ok. Brother said not eating much.


lizzie-girl said...

Hey Gang - I just got back to Yoo-Ray. Let me just say that Grouse was awesome. We missed Andrew, but got a great report from Karen and Ward...despite taking a detour, his spirits and energy seemed high. Honey Girl came in all smiles..I not so discreetly announced to everyone within miles that it was her 50th birthday - one guy said she was running like a 30 year old. She took a good break, worked through some tummy issues, and took off with Joe Boy Galope. I suspect Kirk is not far behind. Off for some shut-eye before our 2am-ish reunion in Yoo-Ray. Did I mention how awesome this place is???


Higg said...

Thanks Liz!!! Get some good rest.