Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Man against Horse 50 or 25 mile trail run

Hey team, Jeff Jones here. We are 11 weeks out from Man Against Horse 50 and 25 mile trail race held on October 3, 2009. This is a great first 50 for several reasons (see below). I would like to encourage all of you that have thought about doing a 50 to set your sights on this one, start training and send in your entry. Would be a real kick to see the field dominated by WMRC shirt wearing runners. My training schedule for this race is provided, the same one I have followed to prepare for all my 50’s. I don’t do all the fancy foot work just run the distance called for throughout the week. Also a couple links to articles that helped me prepare for my first ultra. With WMRC at your disposal you are not lacking for running partners and friendly, enthusiastic answers to your questions.

1) Commute is minimal.
2) Entry fee is fair.
3) Little elevation gain.
4) Can camp at the start or stay in nearby Prescott Valley.
5) Pretty easy for your family to get to the start/finish and some of the aid stations to cheer you on.
6) Nice scenery.
7) Low key, small field of runners, easy parking.
8) Could become a star at


Anonymous said...

#2 & #3 = not true

Jonesman said...

#2 Seems like the going rate for a 50 mile race is $80-$100 and about 10% fee if you register through At $85 I say MVH is "reasonable" because they are not charging more than the going rate and your entry can be mailed or exectued up till race morning thus avoiding the online reg. fee.

#3 Compared to the elevation gain at Old Pueblo or Old Zane Grey (our only other two options for local 50 mile race) I stand by my statement that MVH has "little elevation gain."

azspeedgoat said...

Don't listen to JJ, he told me we were going for an easy run this morning and he almost killed me.

Jules said...

Does anyone have any further information on the course, frequency of aid stations, accessibility by crew, elevation profile, that sort of thing? There's little info on the website and when I search for race reports in google the info is pretty sparse!