Monday, July 25, 2011

WMRC 7.27 / AC Recovery

Hello to the best group of trail runners in the world! We are on for an easy 6 mile trail run in the PMP on Wed am at 5:16 am. Meet at the top lot of SQ PK DR.
Runner of the week is a no brainer. No, not the Blue dog. Paulette Zillmer won the Angeles Crest 100 mile Endurance run over the weekend. First woman and 7th place overall. I have never been so fired up for someone! She trained so hard (I have the broken down shoes to prove it) and went in with a plan and kicked ass! This little woman has huge heart and we are lucky to always have her smiling face to run with!

Runner up goes to Jamil who placed 5th overall at AC100, ran with Paulette a lot of the way and just seemed to be toying with everyone out there. Even if he didn't kick ass at AC (which he did), he gets ROW honors for doing a 100 mile race in board shorts. Surfs up dude, you are awesome!

See everyone Wednesday morning, look for an announcement of a celebratory gathering at Papago Brew House on Wed night to honor Paulette and Jamil's epic run!

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Higg said...

Way to go Paulette, Jamil and Steph! Yes board shorts are extra credit. That gives me an idea. My next race. Button down short sheeve with pens, business cards and calculator in pocket.