Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WMRC 7/20

We are on for a 6ish mile trail run in the PMP tomorrow morning at 5:16 am. Meet at the top lot of SQ PK DR.

Not sure if anyone raced this past weekend so you know what that means, by default Runner of the Week goes to Blue Dog. Why....why not?
Good luck to PJ Zillmer, Jon Roig, Steph Beuttner, Jamil Coury, Chip Gosewich, and Dan Brenden. They are all running the Angeles Crest 100 miler in Calif this weekend. A great trail run on almost all single track thru the San Gabriel Mtns from Wrightwood to Pasadena. Here is a pic of Nick, Jamil, Andrew and Chip (day dreaming) from the 2008 AC 100.
This is one tough run but I know our crew will do great! Follow live this Sat here AC100

See everyone tomorrow morning at 5:16 am.


el perro de diablo rojo said...
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Blue Dog said...

These reports need to be submitted sooner or I will win the ROW award every week. Even though I didn't run one mile last week.

I will give up my award this week to Bill Barthen for sure, I have so many of them that I am running out of room. I may need a bigger dog house if I keep up this kind of domination.

el perro de diablo rojo said...

Speaking of AC 100 I want to point out that two more of my favorite people will be there helping out. The Dynamic Duo of Honey and Liz will be pacing Paulette and Steph (respectively). If I had the talent to run one of these races, I would want either of these Union Pacers in my corner. These chicks know how to get the job done and get their client to the finish line.

Little ditty I wrote for Liz and Honey

She was a fast machine
She keeps her motor clean
She is the best runner I ever seen

She has finish line eyes
Telling me no lies
Kicking me hard in the butt
Nocking me outta a rut

And she paced me all night long
Oh Yeah she paced me......
Allllll night long
Ohhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

Higg said...

None Union Pacers rock too!

el perro de diablo rojo said...

Runner Oh The Week goes to Bill Barthen he's one tough Mofo. Two tours in Iraq kept him from his dream but now he's back kicking some ass and taking some names. So far the names he's collected are Western States and this past weekend, Vermont 100. Next comes Leadville 100 and then he'll finish up The Slam with Wasatch 100

Runners up go to my other favorite People for finishing Silver Rush 50 miler in Leadville, CO. That would be non other than Jody Chase and Laura Nagy.

Shout out to my new little brother "Yo Ozzie I love you bro."