Monday, July 11, 2011

WMRC 7/13-HR recovery run

"It's gonna suck to be you"

This was the name of an article in Outside magazine a few years back. The topic...The Hardrock 100. The most brutal 100 mile race on the planet. We had 3 WMRC'ers taking the plunge this past weekend in the San Juan Mtns in Colorado. All 3 have finished this race before.
Runner of the week goes to Robert Andrulis. He finished HR for the 5th time! This is one tough Marine! On a rough day when even the great Karl Meltzer dropped out, Robert gutted it out for a 46 hour finish. That is the good news, the bad news, he automatically gets in from now on.

Runners up- Nick Coury and Andrew Heard. Previous finishers of this tough race. Both had a rough day full of issues. Nick battling a bad back for the past month and Andrew had what we believe to be some head and stomach issues due to altitude sickness. Nick pulled the plug at mile 56 and Andrew at mile 82. This is always a tough decision but usually the correct one. Well done men, I know you will go back and conquer again someday.

We are on for a trail run Wed morning at 5:16am. Meet at top lot of SQ PK DR. Run about 6 miles with friends and dogs, not a better way to spend a Wed morning.


Jody said...

Andrew absolutley made the right decision. He has HAPE ( high altitude pulmonary edema). There is nothing to stop that from progressing except going to lower altitude. If you continue to push, permanent damage to lungs and heart. We all know what a great runner Andrew is and it was a privilege to pace him at hardrock. Congrats to Robert on his 5th finish. I'm moving to California the 23rd. Anyone want to come and visit??

Higg said...

That elevation profile comparison to other top 100-mile races in that article link in crazy!!

Honey said...

Very well said Jody! We all know how tough it had to of been for Andrew and Nick to drop. SO proud of all our WMRC guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that Andrew and Nick were not able to finish; they certainly have the potential for great performances! The plodder, however, suffered through yet another...affording the WMRC yet another HR100 finisher (how many years is a row is that now, 6 or 7?) Thanks to all who helped 'out there' and congrats for all those who suffered to some degree or other. You did NOT want to cross South Mineral or Mineral creek (even with the fixed rope)
Happy Trails, Mongo

Boone said...

Congrats Robert, pretty incredible! Solid effort Nick and Andrew, everyone knows how hard you guys trained for this.