Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WMRC 5/25

Hey there. We are on for an extra special route this week. We are doing the gym- mining cave loop. Bring water as there will be no stopping on this loop. It will be a little longer so show up on time so we can start on time. This will be about 1:15ish with 5 miles and 1300 ft of climbing.

The runner of the week should be prepared since he just did the Jemez 50 miler in NM. Matt Schmidt ran 50 miles with 12,000 ft of climbing this past weekend. Way to go Matt, can't wait to hear more about it.

Runners up are the participants of the inaugural Squaw Peak Circumference challenge. A bunch of us ran the circ loop from Bourques house on Sunday afternoon. 4.05 miles and 1200ft of climbing. Nick and Nathan Coury came in first at about 41 minutes.

Here is great article about iRun employee and WMRC member lil James Bonnett. The kid is back. http://runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=22870&cm_mmc=Twitter-_-RT-_-Content-Runner-_-Bonnett

Well done kid. See everyone tomorrow for a fun route!


Higg said...

Great Article James! Glad to see you out on the trails. Racing or not. Higg

Blue Dog said...

What about Kirk? Some of us like to swim also. Kirk doesn't mind when I lick him, anyways, I think I could take this James kid, he only has 2 legs, I have 4. Ruff!

el perro de diablo rojo said...

Blue Dog,
Daddy and I are bringing our new friend for his second ever trail run. He ran with Daddy today and almost killed him on a switchback. Daddy say's he can run like a Coury or Bonnet but he needs to learn his manners. Here's vid of me teaching him how to handle coyotes.

Viva La Momo

Jonesman said...

Holy Crap not the Gym-Mining Cave Loop route!!! Last time we did that Kirk fell in the mine, Kopol got lost in the cave and three runners that went out with us, never were heard from or seen again. I'm bringing 2, 60 meter x 10.2mm Edelweiss ropes. After this run we are going to be wishing the end of the world had come, on Saturday.

momo said...
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momo said...

i'm thinking this is probably not the right week to be bringing newbie running friends with me, hm?

oh well, that's ok, i am sure the new dog will keep me company in the way, way back. he's got a crush on me, you know. ;)

james bonnett said...

Its on Blue dog four legs means you have to worry about tripping over a rock twice as muchas us. plus I bet I can do more pull ups when we get to the gym. gotta love these hands we have. see you in the Morning

momo said...

just so you all don't think i'm a slacker and since i missed the "gym" part of today's route altogether, i came home and did 47 pullups. oh, alright, maybe it was 4.7. ;)