Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WMRC 5/11

Heyoh! We are up for a 5.75 mile trail run tomorrow morning on the PMP. Meet at 5:16am at the top lot of Sq PK DR.

Runners of the week goes out to the Coury boys and crew the ran/scrambled the Pariah Canyon this past weekend. Check out the pics on Facebook.

Runner up goes to Blue Dog who has been dominating the canal lately. He opened up a running store for dogs and has been holding group runs on the canal and chasing ducks and small birds for his tempo workouts. iSlobber is on Indian School and 48th st right next to iRun.

This weather is perfect so if there was ever a time to make it back to the group, time is now.

See everyone tomorrow.


momo said...

oh no. no adjectives like recovery or slow or moderate. i think i might be in trouble. ;)

Bluedog said...

Momo, I am tired from my canal intervals so we will be taking it easy tomorrow. Maybe some climbing but nothing too crazy.

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