Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Group Run 5.4.11

Group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Tomorrow morning 5:16 AM. No Headlamp. No Jacket, Very Nice. Plan on a one hour run at a slow to moderate pace. Top lot of Squaw Peak Drive north of Glendale / Lincoln. Heeee's Baaack! Congrats to Runner of the Week James Bonnett who ran and won the Leona Divide 50 mile race in California on Saturday. 6:24:46. James ran without a watch and missed the course record by only 90 seconds. Doesn't James work at i-run? I know they sell real cool watching there!

Also, running in the 50 mile race was Paulette Zillmer. Under 8 hours. Wow. 7:59:07. Good for 2nd female. Nice work you two!!

Good news: Over the weekend the police conducted surveillance at the 32nd street trail head. They finally apprehended two individuals breaking into cars. As most of us know, on and off for years cars have been broken into at trail heads around the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. This is a good reminder to keep valuables at home and / or leave items out of sight in the trunk.


thedesertrunner said...

I unfortunately can't make it once again...I injured my foot 2 Saturdays ago out on a run and have been nursing it back to health. Hope to see you all soon. I'm really itching to get back out there but this mornings trial run definitely told me I'm not quite healed yet :(

Jeremy said...

So...James is pretty fast huh? Geesh.

Matt Schmitt ran a 6:35 in the Juniper Ranch 50 that Aravaipa put on up north. Which is also pretty dang fast. So is that 2 WMRC victories and a 2nd place in one weekend? PLUS Honey ran R2R2R with Laura and Liz?

Pretty good weekend!


Higg said...

Yes Jeremy, those are also worthy running escapades! Thanks for the reminders. Great job Matty and HLL. Others too I'm sure!

el perro de diablo rojo said...

I went for two walks around the block this weekend, without a leash .75 mile/.5 hour x 2

Last Thursday I ran The Otis Loop from 40th street 3.43 miles at 48:52

Thursday night I chased a feral cat out of my yard.

Joe said...

...and Joe got arrested for breaking into cars at the trail head.

Laura said...

and i am out for the next several weeks due to a stress fracture in my left foot. Will be doing more swimming than biking, since a) i don't own a bike, and stationary bikes are not amazingly comfortable after about 7 minutes, and b) to hide the tears i will be weeping over missing my trail time. Somebody pass me a cotton-picking Kleenex. See you out there soon - laura

Higg said...

Take care of yourself laura!!