Monday, November 22, 2010

WMRC 11/24

It is time for a pre turkey day trot. We will meet at 5:16am at the top lot of SQ PK Dr. An easy paced 1:05 run in the preserve. There shouldbe an A team and B team this week as well.

Congrats to all Ironman finishers.

The water was 6o degrees and Joe G said he felt like Jack Dawson sinking into the Atlantic.

Here Joe gets his seal skin pulled off him, looks fun huh?

Joe Galope
Swim: 1:51:03 Bike: 7:12:40 Run: 5:00:56 14:17:40

Kirk McCarville
Swim: 1:19:30 Bike: 6:29:49 Run: 7:27:06 15:30:03

There was also a Coury bro's event somewhere on the westside. Jeremy ran around in circles for 50 miles. Great job to the Coury boys for another great event.

See everyone Wed 5:16 am.


Jamil said...

The Coury Brothers hosted the Fat Ox Endurance Runs (50 Mile / 50 Km) out at Nardini Manor this past weekend. That's either 161 or 100 laps around a 500 meter track.


50 Mile Results:

50 Km Results:

WMRC said...

Jamil, nice 50mile 1st place finish! Robert A., way to get that 50Mile done! Mark M., Impressive Arizona Ironman Finish!

Donovan said...

Hello to all!

Looks like it will be in the low 40s Saturday morning. I will have a fire burning and the check in table will be right next to the fire. :) It is expected to get in the mid 60's later in the day. Sounds good to me. Try to be at the trailhead by 6:30 to check in and there will be a run briefing at 6:45. There will be water at mile 7, 12, 20 (full aid), and mile 24. The last water for the marathon distance is 20. The will be food for you at the finish and everyone will get a finishing award. The mostest and bestest prizes are for the 50K including the plane tickets for the fastest female and male. Those tickets have some restrictions and I will do my very best to take care of you. The rock game will provide over 20 door prizes. It is really easy! Marathon door prizes will be drawn at 1:30 and 50K at 2:30. That should keep you moving to get back to the start. In order to win the plane tickets you not only have to be the fastest but you have to drop some cards off in boxes to ensure course following. Volunteers will be in place to confirm your card drops.

See you on Saturday!