Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wednesday reminder for Nov. 10th

What a fantastic week of running we’ve had. This past Saturday was the inaugural Sedona 50K. Rachel and Liz enjoyed the beautiful scenery with great runs. Honey gets runner of the week for her strong finish as 2nd woman finisher. I found some very nice pics here and here of the race. We may have to mark this one down on our calendar for next year.

Looking out towards the Northwest, the Coury Bros. ran the 2010 USA Marathon Trail Championships. Jamil was 18th in a time of 3:17:20, Nick was 21st , 3:25:40. Well done!

Looking forward, check out the run Donovan is putting on at Tom’s Thumb in three weeks on November 27th. Jeff made a really cool award that will be raffled off. Check it out here. Aravaipa Running continues with their fall line of running events. And Zane Grey 50 registration is now open.

Looking to the immediate future, come join us for a trail run in the morning. We’re hitting the trail at 5:15 a.m. from the top of Squaw Peak drive and running into Higg’s neighborhood to bang on his door in the pre-dawn hours to get him to make us all pancakes if he doesn’t show up tomorrow!


Emz said...

SO bummed I didn't run this. I was in Sedona FISHING [UGGGG} with the family and saw you all out running. awesome. Beautiful weather too.

Jonesman said...

Little side note, my Sister Jody whooped up on the Antelope Island 100K this past weekend, running like a girl and making the boys cry. You might ask "how'd she do?" I would use, at the very least, these three words in my answer "winner" and "course record."

Jody said...

thanks Jeff, that was my first 100k and on an island of buffalo and antelope. had a good time and we got to run on the side of the island the public isn't allowed. I would recommend that run next year. they have a 50 miler in march that reaches 500+ entrants.