Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Run Reminder 11.17.10

Hello Peeps!! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the wonderful Arizona weather. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Group run day. Come on out and enjoy a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Meet at the trail head at the very top of Squaw Peak Drive North of Glendale / Lincoln. 5:16 AM. Plan on a little over 1 hour at a slow to moderate pace. If you are completely out of shape and scared to attend, no worries, Bigg Higg is worse off than you and will be leading group B in meandering shorter route.

Runners of the Week: Lots of known worthy individuals and I am sure not known worthy individuals. BTW The Cardinals are NOT WORTHY!!! Congrats to the finishers of Pass Mountain 50K: Jon, Paulette, Jeremy, Laura N. Congrats to Mad Dog 50K first place female finisher: Kate McCarville. Special note to Back Country Grand Canyon survivors: Art, Honey, John P. Another special note to White Tank runners: Mark C, Katie C, Molly and Jethro. BLUE TOO!

The Arizona Ironman is Sunday. I assume the water is flowing into Tempe Town Lake. Good luck to all WMRC runners: Joe G, Kirk and Mark M. Missing anyone???
Who is putting their name into the hat for Western States 100? Sign-ups are happening now!!!


Honey said...

Ironman...uh, how about Kirky? Mr. Ironman himself..

Joe said...

Joe Bib #1187
Kirk Bib #1964
Karen Bib #2365
Mark Bib #1697