Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nick makes Team USA at National Championship

Come out and enjoy a beautiful Wednesday morning run with your friends in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve and help celebrate this week’s Runner of the Week, Nick Coury. Not only did Nick run 136-miles in under 24-hours, placing third for men, winning $500 and making the national team to go to the World Championships in Switzerland, but he did it in Cleveland! His splits were 50 miles in 7:49, 100K in 9:29, 100 miles in 17:50, and 136 miles in 23:56.

Looking forward, JJ and Jody will both be running the Bear 100-mile run in Utah/Idaho this weekend. So if JJ shows up, we’ll take it easy to try and not kill him before his long run. Rachel will be pacing him and we don’t want her mad at us.

Be there, or be square at the top of Squaw Peak Drive. Departure time is 5:17 a.m.


Anonymous said...

Where in the world is Higgy? No offense to those who have carried the torch in his absence but WTF? Hopefully it is as simple as only running when temperatures dip below 80? Should be a good run in the rain tomorrow.

Art said...

Nice job, Nick -- epic miles.

Anonymous said...

Looking at his lap splits on the results page, Nick's splits were actually closer to:

50mi in 7:37
100k in 9:32
100mi in 16:21
136mi in 23:56

Even more impressive!

Higg said...

Great Job Nick!!!Hang in there with my Anonymous. I'll be back soon!!!

Jody said...

Congratulations Nick! Way to go!

Jeff B. said...

Way to go Nick....I'd love to see what kind of time you would post at JJ100....someday, maybe you could run it and set the record. We all are rooting for you; and bet you can post over 145 at the World Championship! It is an honor to be your friend. See you out on the JJ100 trail tonight.