Friday, September 24, 2010

BEAR 100 Webcast

Go Jeff Jones & Jody Chase!!!!

2010 Bear 100 Live Results Page
Good Morning Everyone,
Just wanted you all to know that JJ and Jody both looked good this morning at the start. It was in the 40's with a beautiful full moon. JJ slept well but was a little nervous this morning. At the race meeting yesterday the main concern was to watch out for the elk hunters! I will hopefully see JJ at Cowley, Right Hand Fork and Temple Fork. RJ


Joe said...

Leaders through Leatham Hollow (19.66 miles)

1. Phil Lowry 3:04
2. Leland Barker 3:07
3. Jonathan Allen 3:30
4. Mike Foote 3:30
5. Evan Honeyfield 3:30

29. Rhonda Claridge 4:00
31. Gretchen Evaul 4:00
40. Sheri Atkinson 4:15
46. JODY CHASE 4:15
50. Kari Fraser 4:15
51. Darcie Gorman 4:15

No report on Jeff yet.

Higg said...

Thanks Joe!!

Joe said...

Jeff went through 20 miles in 4:45.