Thursday, March 5, 2009

WMRC at Old Pueblo 50

Good luck to all this weekend who are running the Old Pueblo 50 mile trail race Saturday. The WMRC entry list is impressive: Honey, Jody, Michael, Mark, Liz, Robert A, Joe G., Chip, Chris H., Andrew (and two sisters), Jeff Jones, Debbie L., Aaron, Kirk, Jeff McCoy, Laura, Joanne, Jon. Sorry if I missed anyone


Jamil said...

Any updates on the race?

snj said...

Hello Arizona ultra crew!

I'm coming to town (Mesa) for a few days next week (Mon-Wed.). I live in Bozeman, MT, so I'm looking to get some dirt under my feet. Is there anyone heading out for one or two 20+ milers next week. Also, I'm looking for some recommendations for 1) good runs from the eastern end of Mesa; 2) a good running/outdoor store where I could find a decent area map? Feel free to drop me a line, or 406.600.1709.
many thanks,