Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet 16 Run-

The Runner of the Week is no doubtedly The Arizona Wildcats. Once again the weight and respectability of an entire conference rests solely on the shoulders of the Wildcats. Basketball royalty at it's finest. To the rest of the Pac-10...You are welcome....again.

Blue is runner-up again.

We are on for an hour+ trail run in the Sq Pk Preserve Wed am at 5:16am. This will be an easy to moderate run with some good climbs mixed in. Crunch time in some training schedules for many WMRCer's.

See everyone Wed, GO CATS!!!

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Higg said...

BTW, nice showing for the Mild Cats Baseball this past weekend. The Devils sweep them all 3 games and out scored them 34 to 13.

The Lady Sun Devils are also in the sweet 16 and will go further than the Mild Cats!