Monday, December 1, 2008

WMRC Run Reminder for 12/3/08

Hey Turkeys, time to get back to some training. Reminder: Wednesday morning run 5:15 AM meet at the top lot Squaw Peak Drive. Plan on a little over one hour. You’ll need a headlamp and possibly a water bottle because the 40th street water fountain was out of commission this weekend. Rumor is someone attached a couple dogs to the 40th street water spigot and the dogs yanked on the leash and created a geyser. Would have liked to have seen that. Maybe we will run to Dreamy Draw Park for the turn around???
Typically a 10-mile road race wouldn’t produce the Runner of the Week but the Thanksgiving Day Classic did just that with a good showing of WMRC folks. Nick Coury wins ROW with a real fast time of 1:01:18 (6:07 mile pace) good for 8th overall. Nick just edged out Adam Hunt by 13 seconds who finished in 10th. Also making a showing were Paul Bonnett, Jamil Coury, Nathon Coury, Dave Cauthon and Joanne Hughes. Jeff McCoy paced a friend and Robert Huotari was seen helping out.

Photographer Jeff Jones is at it again, Check out the cool footage during his run with Jody Chase in Sabino Canyon over the weekend.

Sabino Canyon from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.

Only 5 more days until the big ASU vs. U of A football game. Still time to vote your prediction. According to the poll half the voters think the Devils are going to win. Interesting only 9% couldn’t care less.


Jonesman said...

Do we know which dogs pulled the plumbing out over there at 40th? Was it the numb skull with the two dogs, one is a red hound that howls and the other a yellow big headed lab with brain damage, both wear blinking lights? Those three cause nothing but trouble.

Joe said...

The two best parts of that video, the stumble at the beginning just narrowly missing a becoming a YouTube classic, and Jody at the end, "Sweet!".