Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last Wednesday Morning Run 2008

Father Time just sent a reminder in that we all need to get one last run in before the New Year. Lets not disappoint the old man.

Wednesday Morning meet at the top lot of Squaw Peak Drive 5:15 AM for a little over one hour trail run in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Slow to moderate pace.

Good luck to those that are running in the Across the Years event. Robert Andrulis 72 hour, and in the 24 hour race The Coury Family (Nick, Jamil, Nathon and Peter). I think James Bonnett is running also?

You can follow along live right now!:


Anonymous said...

You can come out and volunteer also.

We would love to see you.


Higg said...

Good point Paul. Being there live is always better than following along on the computer.

Nathan cranks out 100 miles in 24 hours!! Great Job.