Thursday, December 4, 2008

Central Cross Country / Up to $400 Tax Credit

Here is you chance to help out BIG TIME the Central Cross Country and Track Team at no actual cost to you.

Last year several of you helped out, which allowed me to enter the team in more invitational events, buy shoes, shorts, awards, knee braces, bananas, bagels and yoga training to help them stretch. This years cross country team was a unique group of students from several different countries: Somalia, Sudan Ethiopia, Columbia Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Liberia, Jamaica and the U.S.. Many were refugees with few resources. What they had was an enthusiasm to try out a new sport. They went on at the end of the season to win the Freshman Sophomore Nike Southwest meet and are excited to keep on training.

Any donation up to $200 for individuals and $400 for families the State of Arizona will pay you back dollar for dollar on you 2008 Tax Return. It's a money back guarantee. Any Tax Payer in Arizona can help and receive the tax credit.

Checks have to be mailed before December 31st. Make check payable to Central High Bookstore Memo: Runners Club. Send to Runners Club Central High School 4525 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85012. Make sure we have an address to send the receipt to you for your full refund on your taxes.

Any questions please contact me.

Thank You.

Paul Bonnett
Coach Cross Country / Track

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