Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Post Hardrock 100 Selection Run 12.7.11

Tomorrow morning group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. 5:17 AM top lot of Squaw Peak Drive. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace. Great running weather. Just like a cool summer evening high up in the San Juan Mountains.
Robert Andrulis (far left) Receiving 5 time Hardrock 100 Finisher award
Speaking of the San Juan's The Hardrock 100 selection show was Sunday. Congrats to WMRC runners Robert Andrulis with his automatic bid for being one tough cookie and a 5 time finisher. Also pulled are the two tough ladies Honey Albrecht Liz Everly. All three are taking pacing and crewing applications (proposals). Jamil is on the fringe with a #40 on waiting list. Andrew Heard a little farther back at number 58 (or maybe 68). Once again JJ didn't get his named picked. Make sure you tread lightly around him the next few weeks. Very crabby when he doesn't get his name pulled. Suggestions: Ask him about his dogs and Don't mention Hardrock!! Or what he is doing in July.

ROW: Congrats to the North Face 50 Runners in San Fran. Jamil 40th overall (7:58), Paulette 13th female finisher (9:15), and Jon Roig with a fast 10 hour good for 129th.

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