Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Could be a rainy WMRC run 12.14.11

Some running groups may cancel a run do to weather. That would never happen at WMRC. Rain or shine group trail run in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Tomorrow morning 5:18 AM. Plan on a little over on hour at a slow to moderate pace.

ROW: the WMRC group runs started over 8 years ago. One of the main goals is to promote trail running an encourage first timers to attempt Ultra Trail Runs. Last weekend Andrew Colbert finished his first 50K at the McDowell Mtn. Frenzy. Nice Job.
Joe Finishing Xterra Trail Run World Championships
The traveler award goes to Joe Galope who runs the Xterra Trail World Championships and Honolulu Marathon both in the same weekend. Poor guy had to go to Hawaii to get those runs done. Then takes a break to watch some Banzai Pipeline Action. Then gets his named pulled for 2012 Western States 100. Some guys have all the luck.