Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WMRC 12/8

We are on for a 1:06 moderatley paced trail run Wed am at 5:16 am. Meet at the top lot of Sq Pk Dr. Very dark out there this am with no moon, get some new batteries for your headlamp.

Congrats to the sun devils for the current streak of one win in a row against the Cats. It took a miracle but you can actually miss an extra point twice in one game. Now I know how the devils felt all season. On to B-ball season for the devils-hee hee. Good luck to all 85 Div 1 teams that made it to a bowl game this year.

Runner of the week goes Andrew Heard for his return to the trails. He "won" the South Mountain 50 K fun run organized by Robert Andrulis on Sat, great job Robert! Here are somne other results....well done everyone.

- The ‘whole enchilada’
Andrew Heard 5:23
Debbie Leftwich 7:20
Melissa Masteller 8:05
- 20.8 miles (or so)
Nick Coury 3:26
Nathan Coury 3:28
Jeremy Dougherty 4:13
- Some other variation up to (or maybe more than) 20 miles
Kate Hansen 4:45
Tiffany Foster * 4:50
Stephanie Taylor* 4:50
Stephanie Buettner 4:54
Katie Daugherty 4:59
Justin Fredricksen 4:59
Paul Norberg ^ 6:25

See everyone tomorrow, bright and early.


Higg said...

Cos, thanks for the insightful run reminder post. It would be a little more insightful if you can explain how it feels to lose 4 football games in a row. Ha Ha! No doubt Andrew is worthy of Runner of the Week. A close runner-up could be Alex Zendejas. Did you see how he ran out of the stadium after the game??

Lastly, JJ reminded me that it is not too late to donate various care package items for our troops. Bring in what you can and JJ will handle the rest and get them delivered.

Stoops said...

Well Put Higg. You the Man! You have a really good pulse on our team! I will try to stay a little more composed on the sideline. Maybe my actions get in the heads of my players. I'm worried about our 5th loss in a row. That isn't going to help me with my next job application. Anyway, go luck with your trail running! Mike