Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remember Kopol Run 12.14.10

Blizzard like conditions, two feet of snow, below zero temperature. Or 55 degrees under clear skies. The latter sounds more appealing for a trail run and that's what we have in Phoenix. Lets eat it up. Group trail run tomorrow in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. 5:17 AM at the end of squaw peak drive trail head. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace.

Over the weekend we lost a long time WMRCer and running partner. Jeff and Rachel had to put down Kopol. Kopal lived a wonderful 12 years. He was strong, friendly and a great runner. He had the best owners a dog could have. Just last year the 11 year old Kopol ran the rugged Cave Creek Trail Marathon. Check out the footage below and the Kopol Blog. RIP Kopol!!!

Jody's Run 2010 from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.

Also, a shout out to the McDowell Mountain Frenzy runners. 50K Paulette (1st place Female), Joe G (top 10), Mark Hellenthal. 25K Albert Shank (6th), Jon Roig, Laura Encinas (2nd female, Lisa Osinga. Please let us know if we missed any WMRCer!! We want to know!


azspeedgoat said...

Kopol, you will be missed! We will try to take care of your mom and dad and O dog. Mark, Katie, and Bluedog.

Honey said...

Yes, Kopol boy...you will definitely be missed. I will miss you whining, miss hearing Jeffy say, "Kopol back!" And most of all, I will miss hugging your sweet big head! Dang it, watching the video made me cry...just hit me. Watch over us Kopol boy!

Jonesman said...

Thanks everyone for the caring thoughts and words. Someone told me recently "people don't understand what our dogs mean to us." I disagree and the proof is in the compassion you all have shown.

Chris Harrison said...

JJ- Oscar and I send our best to you. Kopol was one great friend and one hell of a runner. We will all miss him.