Monday, July 26, 2010

Speed Goat Taper Run 7.28.10

Reminder: Wednesday morning, another group trail run in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. 5:17 AM. Top lot of Squaw Peak Drive north of Glendale / Lincoln Ave. (7200 E. Squaw Peak Drive, Phoenix, AZ). Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace. A few times each year the park ranger is slow to open up the gate. Last week very slow. I don't think the gate opened until 6:00 AM. Sorry the run got messed up for everyone. In the future, when that happens the backup plan is to meet head out from the 32nd Street / Lincoln trail head. There is a small lot there but across the street you can also park in the Shopping Center.
Runners of the week: Lots of happenings. Mark, Honey, Paullete and Liz ran the classic flagstaff route of Weatherford, Humphries, Kachina. 26 miles or so which reaches the highest point in Arizona 12,633 ft.
Jamil ran the Grand Mesa 100 miler in Colorado. From his FaceBook Page, "26:12 for 3rd place. Only 5 finishers out of 26 or so starters. Ryan Burch won in 23:26. Markings were hit or miss. Some sections were really well marked while others kept you guessing. The course was deceivingly tough...."

Joe Galope won the Holy Hell 6.66 mile trail run when he took advantage of the early leaders (triathletes) getting lost. Don't know if they've been found??
Travel Award: Jeremy Dougherty, Crow Pass Crossing, Alaska. 24 miles. Need a report???

Speed Goat 50K: Good luck to Mark Cosmas this weekend when he runs the Speed Goat 50K in Utah. The "hardest 50K in the US"


Joe said...

"What do you get when you cross triathetes and trail running?"


Anonymous said...

Jeremy ran Crow Pass in 5:11. Good Job! Jeff Roes 2:54 best time. :) Jeremy will have to tell the rest of the story.

Bohicaaz said...

Crow Pass is hands down the most beautiful trail I've ever ran, walked, hiked or stepped foot on. Plus there were bears, glaciers, moose, hornets, giant river crossings of glacial water (from the glacier you just ran down) and some really amazing volunteers at the start and finish (no aid stations on the point to point). Plus the annual Geoff Roes vs. Eric Strabel (local guy) competition where Geoff had won 2 and Eric had won 2 in the last four years. I ran with my cousin who was running his first long distance race so our time was a bit slow. Plus the Black bear on the trail at mile 5 slows you down and the moose blocking the way keeps the pace to an occassional walk!