Monday, April 12, 2010

WMRC Morning Run / Picture Day 4.14.10

Reminder: We are on for a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve Wednesday morning 5:16 AM. Meet at the very top of Squaw Peak Drive north of Glendale / Lincoln. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace. Wear you WMRC apparel. It's our annual picture day! We'll take some photos during the run and a group shot at the end.

Holy Crap, its less than two weeks out until the Zane Grey 50 mile trail race. ROW: not to be frightened both Jody Chase and Jeremy Dougherty both went big and ran the Copper Basin 50K on Saturday. Jody finished 2nd overall 1st female 6:04 and Jeremy Dougherty 4th overall 6:32. Runner-up ROW: New group runner Eric Glass ran Amican River 50 this weekend. First 50 in 10:08. Story goes he texted facebook messages the whole time.

The Zane Grey Trail Marking Day is this Sunday April 18th. If you can help please contact Honey. More info here: Zane Grey 50 Trail Marking Day


Higg said...

Any Trail Condition Updates? Who has been on the Highline Trail?

Jamil said...

I was out there on Sunday all day doing some trail clearing. I cut out over 40 trees starting at Washington Park heading West towards Geronimo. I made it about 5 1/2 miles before the chain fell off the chainsaw and I was losing daylight. I ran the rest of the stretch to Geronimo and there had to be at least 40 more trees down across the trail. It is crazy considering I cleared every last tree in that section last year! One of the creek crossings looked like a bomb went off... I couldn't even tell where the trail went when I first go to it. I cut out about 5 trees, trimmed some thorns and added some cairns to make it passable. If someone can get a chainsaw out to that section it would be great, but I'm done this year! Time to rest up.