Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring is here!!!

Baseball Opening day is here and that is the first sign of Spring. We will have an easy run this Wed at 5:17 am for about and hour and I guarantee, Kirk will not be leading.

I was out in the preserve this morning looking for my lungs from last weeks run. That alone should get me runner of the week because I have been averaging about 1.3 run days per week for about 5 months, which is coincidentally that same age as baby Taylor, go figure. The weather was unbelievable! Lights off at about 5:45.
Runner of the week goes to Paul Bonnet for his Easter outfit last week and carrying an Easter basket the entire way. Well done Pauly! Lose the shorts.

Runner up goes to Taylor for taking her first bite of Happy Baby solid (sort of) food this morning. She ate more calories in this first feeding than Kirk eats in a 100 miler.

I spent the past few days "training" in Squaw Valley, hehee. They have had about 4 feet of snow in the last week and a half. This is going to make for an exciting climb up to Emigrant pass for you Western States participants. Many snow crossings and probably a boat across the river at Rucky Chucky. Here is what Emigrant looked like Saturday about 1:30 pm.
See you all Wed am at 5:17 for an easy run thru the preserve. Let's keep the good attendance going.

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