Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wednesday Morning Run 12/16

Set the alarms. Wake up calls available upon request. We are on for a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountains tomorrow morning 5:17 AM. Meet at the usual site at the end of Squaw Peak Drive North of Glendale Avenue. Plan on a little over one hour at a moderate pace. The weather is warming again so don't miss out.

Tough call on Runners of the week: Cosmas and Higgins are once again in the midst of an epic battle on how many day they can run this month. Both have run 5 days in a row. Incredible! Who do you think will win? New poll question.

Congrats to Laura Encinas and Joe G for their Tucson Marathon on Sunday. Both ran a 3:32:45 on a very windy day. I think that was a PR for Laura.

Also, the story still needs to be told but the Chimera 100 was held on Saturday but was called after 6 hours do high winds blowing away the aid stations and the incredible amount of rain. Who was in the mix? Jamil and Nick! What the heck.

Get your training in for the Cave Creek Trail Marathon Fun Run January 31st: Cave Creek Trail Marathon This is a beautiful challenging run. If you haven't been up there you must check it out.


Nick Coury said...

The conditions were pretty ridiculous. It was raining from the start of the race, and things pretty much got worse from there. We were working the Santiago Peak aid station which is the highest part of the course. We got to our aid station tent (about 10x20) to find a river flowing through it, which we had to divert before doing much else. The rain didn't really stop all day, and the winds were only bearable because we had the tent. Karl Meltzer came through first completely freezing, followed by a few more fast guys with too little clothes. Most people were soaking. The aid station before us was blown to pieces, I know there are a couple of pictures of it somewhere. By the time they canceled the race, everyone was pretty happy. We didn't have enough warm food to last a full 100 miles, but we had enough to keep the runners mostly warm as they waited at our tent to be picked up or ran on to a more accessible part of the course.

Even though the race ended some time after 1, it took them a long time to find vehicles to get up to us, since 4 wheel drive was pretty much required with all the mud. A suburban nearly fell off a cliff, and that took more vehicles away as they unsuccessfully tried to pull him out. We got all the runners down by around 4 before they froze, but we couldn't seem to get any other vehicles that could come up to us. We were literally holding our tent together for almost 2 hours as the wind tried to rip the frame and panels apart. Finally two vehicles arrived some time after 5, but one of them got a flat. They spent a while trying to change it but didn't have the proper tools. We ended up leaving just before 6 as it turned pitch black and started to get really cold.

They ended up getting everyone out safe luckily, but the conditions were just horrible that day. It's a good thing they called the race when they did or I'm not sure what would have happened. Jamil and I are in Cali for the week running with some friends up here, we're doing the 68 mile backbone trail in the Santa Monicas on Friday. Should be a fun day.


Laura said...

wow, sounds brutal for racers and aid-ers alike, Nick!

BTW, can't believe my 13-min PR got second mention to the Higgie and Cosmas rematch. Sigh. ;-)

Jeffery said...

What a story, glad you and all the runners ended up safe. Also, glad the organizers had the wisdom to shut the race down, sometimes that can be such a tough decision after all the work that goes into putting on a race (however based on the story I've read about the day, it probably was not too hard). Keep up the great effort; Coury family continues to write history in service and accomplishments on the race course!

Jamil said...

Just finished up the 68 mile Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains under ideal conditions! Sunny and mostly clear all day with stunning ocean views. Our total time was around 15 hours. There were 5 starters and 4 finishers (including Nick and I. Highlights include taking a shot of garlic schnapps at mile 38 and no blisters for me. What a day! Anyone else down for a low key 50 miler next Sunday with the Tucson Trail Runners?

PJ said...

Nice Job on the Backbone trail Jamil and Nick!! What is this low-key 50 miler you speak of??? I'm interested...

Jamil said...

Here is the info:

Truly fringe runners/riders,

For the Sunday after Christmas, I proposed a run out and back on Redington Pass road. I did this because Steve Kanoza and I rode our mountain bikes from my house to Redington and back last March. I thought the country on the downside of Redington Pass was pretty nice. If we started from my house or Steve's house, worked down to Redington Pass Rd (which is what Tanque Verde Road turns into) and took that out to a turn around point, most of the route would be dirt and it would be scenic. If someone wanted to turn up on their mountain bike and do it that way, that would be fine, too.

It looks to me like a point a bit past the A-7 Ranch would be a 50 mile turn around point (Redington's more like 100K). There's a junction I'm thinking about. Steve, Renee, and Chase have offered to help me with the aid, and we all have vehicles that can handle the rough dirt road. I was actually thinking about a "hopscotch aid" concept where one vehicle goes out a few miles and waits for the runners to come past, while another vehicle goes a few mile further down the road and waits. Then the first vehicle hopscotchs a few miles further. I might even put some people on their bikes for roving aid...

So I'd like to know who's interested in the event. I've had one inquiry from Jamil in Phoenix. If you'd like to do something shorter than 50 miles, I'll come up with some turn-around points that give other distances. I'd just want to make sure we're in a position to keep an eye on everyone and see that they have what they need and don't get shot at or run over. The days will be pretty short, so that might be a factor, too.

Think about it and let me know if you're on board.


Ross Z