Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TPC Celebration Run - 11/18/09

Reminder: Like every Wednesday morning ran or shine, dark or light, all year round we are on for a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve tomorrow morning. Meet at the very top lot of Squaw Peak Drive 5:15 AM. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow pace. Just follow Higg. New runners are always welcomed and encouraged to join in.Runner of the Week: Big news coming out of the Cosmas camp. Little Taylor Paige Cosmas was born early Sunday morning at 12:37 AM to Katie and Mark! Statistics: 18in, 5lbs 15 oz, future trail runner / ultra marathoner. Upon deliver little Tayor asked what was the final score of the UofA football game??!! TPC in da House!
A race that little Taylor I'm sure will win one day happend over the weekend. The Mad Dog 25K / 50K Trail run. In the 25K event Laura Encinas was the 1st female and 10th overall with a time of 2:03:18. Karen Bea finished close behind as 3rd female finisher. Pacing Amy, Perry Edinger ran also!!

In the 50K event: Kate McCarville was the 1st female overall with a time of 5:28:45. Great show Kate! Joe G. also had a good run and finished 6th overall with a time of 4:42:12. Joe did have some "issues" during the run which can be summarized in the video below:

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Jonesman said...

The Leonid meteor shower has started! It isn't supposed to be in full force until after midnight
tonight(Tuesday)but this morning at 5am we saw one that was incredible and like I've never seen. Wide, bright, fuzzy, and surrounded by particles that were lit up too. It filled the sky as it whipped by so close I could almost touch it.

Keep your eyes open at WMRC.