Monday, November 23, 2009

South Mountain 50K / December 6th 2009

For those about to run, we salute you!

Well, December is almost here again. For those of you interested, the rumor is there is a fun run planned on Sunday, December 6th at South Mountain; some might even call it the South Mountain's not a 'race' or anything 'official', just a group of friends running trails, as many on this list have done in year(s) past...

If you haven't heard of it, or want more information, here is one source: South Mountain 50K 2008 recap

Self-supported run (water provided along the way with possible snacks, 'pot luck' style - no glass containers), 50k (or shorter options), be mindful of parking, hang out with your trail-running friends.

Details to follow, though expect something like last year; start/finish in the middle, run the West out-and-back, back to the car, run the East out-and-back, sit down, recover and regale the multitudes with tales of your trail adventures...

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