Monday, April 27, 2009

Zane Grey 50 Recovery Run 4/29/09

Reminder: We are on for a group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve Wednesday morning 5:16 AM. Plan on a little over one hour. We have a lot of tired and trashed runners so once again I can guarantee a slow pace.

A bunch of WMRC runners had a great day on Saturday at the Zane Grey Highline Trail 50 mile run. Great weather, great friends, one brutal course. Once again Cosmas has stated he will never run Zane again. A big thank you to Joe Galope for stepping up this year as the Race Director (Can we put you down for RD next year too?)

We had over 20 WMRC'rs either running, crewing, working an aid station or pacing. Thanks to all it was a great day!

Runner of the Week: This was an easy one. Jamil Coury won this years race in a time of 9:34:52. He took the lead around mile 31 and never looked back. He continued to pull away. He had a 3 minute lead leaving 33, a 14 minute lead at 44 and won by 24 minutes. Did you notice Jamil's special edition WMRC addidas tank top?

The runner up is a tie between Chip Gosewisch and Candice De Saint-Antoine:

Chip finished in 6th place overall with a time of 10:44:14. He ran a perfect race. At mile 8 he was 40th, at mile 17 he moved up to 24th, at mile 25 moved up again to 19th, at mile 33 he moved up to 12th, at mile 44 he was 7th, then he ran out of people to pass and finished 6th!! Candice also had a great day. She tackled the hardest 50 out there after having a baby not to long ago. At the finish we could hear Candice and Lisa O (her pacer) down the hill just talking away as they approached the end. At the finish It looked like Candice could have continued another 50.

Other finishers: Paul Bonnett 4th overall with a time of 10:29. Mark "I will never do this again" Cosmas finished 20th. He said he would have finished an hour faster but his pacer was taking photos all the time. Jon Roig 29th. Honey blew her pacer away at the finish for 37th. Jody Chase 40th. Nick Coury finished 43rd while he ran with a friend who had never ran over 15 miles before (note to self: ask Nick to run with me next race). Jeff Jones 52nd and Aaron Mascarella 62nd. Special note to Chris Harrisson who took a couple falls during the race. The 2nd one a few miles from mile 44, he banged his leg really good. According to JJ, Chris was laying on his back in the dirt as JJ approached. JJ said Chris looked so comfortable that he laid next to him and joined him. A few minutes later Candice and Lisa O ran up and looked at them real strange. Hopefully The gals had a camera and took some photos of the scene.

Check out more shots of the day:

For those that need a little extra group running, we are going to meet Tueday for a short 40 minute run with Bill Barthen before he goes back to Wisconsin. Meet at 5:30 AM Dreamy Draw Park (Northern ave and SR-51).

Last call on the supplemental WMRC shirt order. Going to send out Wednesday morning. Info below.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Congratulations to all the finishers. Awesome!!

Higg said...

BTW, Zane had 101 starters. 71% finished. Great job you guys.

azspeedgoat said...

Great job to everyone, i had a fun day on that GD moth*rF&453g Bit*h of stupid ass course.

Joe said...

Correction. 107 starters. And don't count on me RDing that again. That was a GD moth*rF&453g Bit*h of stupid ass race to produce.

jamil said...

Joe, did you set fire to the course in frustration?

Jon Roig said...

Joe -- thanks for the race... that was super fun.