Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Great Morning Run

Highly enjoyable run this morning. The weather and company doesn't get any better. We had 21. 23 if you count the Blue, Otiz and Kopal. Oh ya, Joe Galope also showed late with this Dog Sonya. That's 25!

Some people of note that were very much missed. Wardo, Jason, Chip, Andrew, Michael, Laura P., Robert H., Latvaaho, Debbie L, Sandra, Perry, All the Brads, Randy, Adam, Jon. I could go on and on. The "perfect storm" will have to wait.

Mark and I are compiling all the action photos and will post soon.

Have a great Day!!! Higg


Joe said...

WMRC math: 21 people plus 3 dogs (blue, Otis & Kopal) equals 23 !?

..should be 24.

Adding Sonya and I equals 26!

Higg said...

Mark told me not to count Kopal as a full dog:)

azspeedgoat said...

He won't count as a full dog until he stops raping Blue.