Thursday, February 26, 2009

WMRC Shirt Pick Up / Delivery

For those that placed an order, your WMRC shirts have arrived. They look great! They are available for pick-up at my Office during the day, Home at night / weekend or Wednesday Morning run. If needed, I will mail for a few extra bucks to cover postage.

As a reminder all shirts / singlets are $16.00 and the long sleeves are $18.00. Cash or Check is expected on delivery. Checks can be made out to Kevin Higgins.

Office location is 32nd Street and Camelback. Home location 32nd Street and SR-51

Call or send and e-mail to make arrangements: 602-549-0277 or


1 comment:

Jonesman said...

I have my shirts they look great. Thanks, Kevin and Jamil for doing this. Seeing all that product in the trunk of Kevin's car made me realize what a logistical nightmare it would be for me to sort shirts by owner, good job guys.