Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lessons From the (WMRC) Trails 2/25/09

1. With regard to legal representation I don't know @!&* from !@#&*!ola about what constitutes conflict of interest and should have kept Kirk talking about it longer cuz' we went from 15 minute/ miles during that conversation to 8 minute miles just after and that was just during the first leg of today's run. Does my ignorance offend you Kirk? I think maybe you were trying to run away from me.

2. Some ultra runners definitions of shortcut vary dramatically from physical distance between two points or "as the crow flies" or some formulaic almagamation of speed, elevation, aggregate efficiency of short and long distance trail mastery, vectoring . . . or as we learned this morning the definition is borne of some montrous delusional euphoria . . . someone who loves life, hills, and frankly being a part of the WMRC so much that they become in the words of one of our brethren . . . A BIG FAT LIAR!

3. New shoes only look fast . . . now my hammy's hurt and my shoes are just dirty.

4. I having never completed an ultra and I appreciate just being around people with so many great experiences and accomplishments on the trails and roads. I especially appreciate your willingness to tolerate my bull particularly this morning when suggesting that there was "whining going on" behind Kirk. I hope those who don't know me very well know by now that I am full of it and would never suggest ANYONE in our group is a weanie outside of jest. I laughed all the way home from this morning' run and that is a gift that I thank you guys for. With all the challenges ahead of us I am lighter and strengthened by your company.



Kirk said...


1. I was embarrassed by my paltry answer and was trying to run away and hide.

2. I have been called worse.

3. Look good and you will feel good

4. Ditto!

Honey said...

Excuse me while I put my dictionary down...I wish I could write half as good as you Steve. Do you actually talk like this, I don't know what some of the words even mean. (I heard that Joe!)
You are too funny, and you summed it up perfectly. "Ditto" goes for me too. I don't know what I would do without this group. THE BEST!!
But what I really want to know, is...did you get home in time to make lunch for your little one?

Cos said...

Good stuff Wardo!

Steve may not have entered an official ultra but he has gone the ultra distance. He dragged me 38+ miles at Leadville in 06 and that is without even coming close to training.

If he ever put as much effort into this as he does his creative writing he could be better than Scott Jurek and Krupica combined.

Honey, don’t worry; he doesn’t know what most of those words mean either.