Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WMRC 7/24

Hi all, so sorry I missed last week as it was a big one for the WMRC family.

Honey, Robert and Lizzie went out to do Hardrock, the hardest race on the planet. 102 miles in the San Juans. Honey and Lizzie ended up dropping at miles 85 and 90 from hypothermia and bad weather keeping them from going on to the next aid. Robert finished his 6th straight HR 100. He is a stud. This race is so brutal! Congrats Robert and well done to Honey and Liz. It takes guts to even think about doing that race, much less go out and give it your all.

We are on for an easy trail run tomorrow morning, 5:16am.  Park at top lot of SQ PK DR.

Mark, Jay and James are off to tackle the hardest 50 K in the country this weekend. Speedgoat 50K in Snowbird UT, will be fun with a super stacked field. All the top Mtn Runners in the world are here.

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Chris Harrison said...

Congrats Hardrockers!