Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Javelina 100 recovery run 11.16.11

Another Javelina Jundred trail run is in the books. Wow what a day for WMRCers. A nice easy recovery run is in order. Meet at the very top lot of Squaw Peak Drive for a little over one hour trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. 5:17 AM Tomorrow.

What a day in the McDowell Mountain Park. The Javelina Jundred gets better each year. Congrats to the Coury Brothers. By all accounts another great production (although thanks to the website hackers I couldn't follow along) Two course records got smashed Hal Koerner bettered Phoenix's own Dave James record by 30 min to win in 13:47:00 and Liz Howard smashed the women record by over 1.5 hours to finish in 15:47:00.

More impressive is the number of WMRCers running, pacing, crewing and working aid stations. Runners of the week to finishers: Jay Danek, Deron Ruse, Grandpa Jim Fowler and John Vaupel. Who else am I missing?? Check out the photos from Jeremy Dougherty and the race report of Jay Danek.
Special notes: One of our early WMRC members Aaron Mascarella was hit by a car while riding a bike over the weekend. It's my understanding that he will be okay but he'll have a long road to recovery with multiple broken bones.

Also, today would have been Baby Taylor's 2nd birthday. There is no doubt that Taylor is looking over her Mommy and Daddy. Mark and Katie, we are thinking of you. We Smile She Smiles Blog

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