Monday, August 15, 2011

WMRC 8/17

Hello all, we are on for a 6ish mile trail run in the PMP Wed am at 5:16am. We are getting back to the roots of what this group was supposed to be, Wednesday recovery run. We are going to try to slow it down a little and let everyone stay together as a group. I will be picking a guest leader every week. The choice will be made right before we take off, nominations are always welcome. You will know what the route is going to be like if I pick Jay, not happening tomorrow.
Runner of the week. This award goes to Melisa Angelone, or Momo, as most of you know her.
She went to Utah to do a 18 hour trail race relay. 4 girls, 18 hrs, 96 miles. Each of them ran 4 loops of a 6 mile trail loop outside of Ogden UT. They won their division, way to go Team Momo! Love the shirts! Thanks.

Good luck this week To Paul who is doing his second 100 this year, The Leadville 100 in Colorado. Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the US. Tough run but I know Paul will do well. Bill Barthen is also doing LT 100, his 3rd leg of the Grand Slam, Good luck to both of you guys, I know you will do well.

See everyone Wed! Be there or be square!


Honey said...

Great job to Momo and the girls, that sounds like fun!
See all you WMRCr's tomorrow, I get to start running with you again.

Jay said...

Way to go team Momo. Welcome back Honey.

momo said...

it was nice to see everyone today! i like when i can hang with the big kids for most of the run! :) happy wednesday!