Monday, August 23, 2010

Bulldog recovery run 8.25.10

Reminder: Group trail run this Wednesday Morning 5:15 AM in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Meet at the very top parking lot on Squaw Peak Drive north of Glendale / Lincoln Drive. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace.

Runner of the Week: Congratulations to Dave westhoff who ran and completed his first Ultra Marathon the Bulldog 50K near Malibu California. Chris Harrison, who also ran the race, reports that Westy ran a great race with very few challenges - strong and steady was the theme of the day as he powered up the hills to finish in 6:29. Great job Westy and Hos!

Kudos also go to Liz Everly and Laura Nagy who ran the Where's Waldo 100K in Oregon. Laura finished in 15:13 with Liz just 5 min back.

Pacing Duty of the weekend: Art Bourque was spotted sporting his WMRC shirt at the Leadville 100 Trail Run this past weekend. Bourque paced Neil Blake to a 27:11 finish. The picture below is the calm before the storm. 6 hours later the smiles turning into puking and staggering in the night. Good job Blake and Bourque.

Nice write-up in the Trail Runner's Magazine news letter on Jeff Jones TPC slam. Check it out.


Paulette Jo said...

I remember seeing that guy after leaving Winfield!! Always good to see the WMRC logo out at the races!

Higg said...

Paulette, How are you doing? Sad to see you had to drop. Leadville is one tough deal. I know you will be back!!

Paulette Jo said...

Hope Pass is no joke! And twice. And the road to Winfield is NOT paved with gold, contrary to popular belief! I'm doing fine. Coming out of Twin LakesI felt a twinge in my ankle that never went away. Jamil and I walked really slow from twin lakes to Half moon (70). He was awesome company!! When we got in to Half Moon there were some messed up people, Not me, I was great except for the foot. Tried to tape it up to see if it would get better, but it go worse. I dropped and when John came to pick us up, he had to carry me to the bathroom! LOL!

I loved every second (well...loved in that strange way) of miles 1-60...60-70 were tough with the foot, and dropping was a tough decision, but really once I tried to get up and walk again, there was no other decision I could have made. Just went to the DR and I have a bad case of peronal tendonitius (sp?). Funny, I don't even feel that sore from Leadville...just the ankle.

Hoping to be back at it in two weeks and ramp up some miles to Javelina!!!