Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poker Revovery Run / Wed. Morning 10/28

Reminder: Group trail run in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve tomorrow morning 5:16AM. Plan on a little over one hour at a slow to moderate pace. Meet at the usual location, very top lot Squaw Peak Drive. Don’t miss out of the incredible sunrise!! Should be a little cool out. Nice!
Great weather contributed to a fun filled 2009 Squaw Peak Scramble Poker Run Saturday morning. Runner of the Week, Candice won the grand prize with her pair of Jacks to a King. Candice got to take home and proudly display the traveling trophy. She also took home this year’s Javelina Jundred duffel bag filled with swag. Robert Andrulis come oh so close. He also pulled a pair of Jacks but only to an 8. Maybe next year Robert!
Best costume went to Jamil Coury for his Spartan Warrior. Checkpoint workers report lots of inquires about the guy running around with a sword. McCarville told them not to worry he is out there all the time! 2nd place went to Nick Coury with his Ultra Legend Karl Meltzer impersonation. Adam’s Men and Honey’s Women speed records are still safe but there was an epic battle this year between Albert Shank and Nick aka “Karl Meltzer” for the quickest time. Epic until Nick very Karl like got attacked by a moose like coyote. Nick failed to get behind a cactus to protect himself. The result was a major kick to the shin. Ouch!! No makeup was used in this photo. All real blood. Doctor report available upon request. Squaw Peak Scramble Photos: HereThanks to all who attended, ran the checkpoints and contributed giveaways!! Special thanks to Cosmas who puts it all together.

Next up this weekend is the Javelina Jundred 100 mile trail race. Good luck to Debbie and Chip. Anyone else?? Follow along on the live webcast. Jamil could still use some volunteers. Please contact him.

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azspeedgoat said...

Actually most of the credit goes to Higgy. I am just a figurehead and Higg did most of the work. Way to go Higgie! Thanks a lot!