Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WMRC 5/27

Come join us for an easy 1:04 trail run in the Phx Mtn Preserve. Meet at the top lot of Sq Pk Dr. at 5:16 am.

Runner of the week. Since no one did anything of note this weekend except for Arron, Honey and Andrew doing 7 hrs in Flag on Sun. Runner of the week goes once again to Blue Dog. He destroyed the Honey loop course record for canines in temps over 83 degrees at 2:27. Blue dog was so tired he had to be lifted into the car to go home. Once into the friendly confines of his pool he was refreshed and ready to play ball again. He later dominated another dog friendly bbq at his friend slick's house. Go Blue!

See you all tomorrow. Maybe as I possibly have a broken foot.

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